• Spent Saints Viewing Party

Spent Saints Viewing Party

September 7, 2019 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Advanced screenings of three Spent Saints episodes.

International rock & roll sensation Kid Congo Powers (guitarist in The Cramps, Nick Cave, and The Gun Club, natch!) spinning the hits and international superstar songwriter/author Dan Stuart (Green on Red) strumming tunes.

Brian Smith reads from Spent Saints. Emceed by series co-writer/exec producer Maggie Rawling Smith, screening three films directed by Sara Newton, Rani DeMuth and Sarah Ledbetter.

Based on Brian Jabas Smith’s best-selling collection of lyrical short stories, Spent Saints (IMDb) is twelve linked short films which follow the life of Julian Grayling, an abused and bullied adolescent who escapes torment by training hard be a champion teen bicycle racer, and, later, frontman of rock n’ roll darlings Spent Saints, only to see his dreams crushed after refusing to sell out to an infamous producer. Plunging to the depths of poverty, alcohol and crystal meth addiction, Julian finds himself in a Phoenix, Arizona barrio where he falls in love with a nude dancer, Serena. Moving to Detroit to reinvent himself as a journalist, his body gives out, and he loses his job, girlfriend and house. It is only when he faces down his underlying demons of depression that Julian escapes, with body and spirit intact.

Shot in three states by ten up-and-coming directors, Spent Saints features Michael Villar (Skin) and Justin Shilton (Little Miss Sunshine), alongside Ian Michaels and Shira Weitz, with Miss Maxim 2018 Runner-Up Carla Tempesta, underground rock legend Jonathan Paley and daughter Violet Paley, and a guest appearance by the storied Miss Pamela Des Barres. Featuring music by Gilby Clarke, Cait Brennen, Frankie & The Studs, Super J Lounge, Beat Angels, Billy Sedlmayr, Kenny Tudrick and more.