MOCA Tucson inspires new ways of thinking through the cultivation, exhibition, and interpretation of contemporary art.


Established by artists in 1997, MOCA is Tucson’s only museum devoted exclusively to contemporary art from around the globe. Housed in a repurposed firehouse in Downtown Tucson, MOCA Tucson applies creative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow through the vehicle of contemporary art. We create programming that is ambitious, innovative, and that is responsive to the wants and needs of our community. A pioneering museum of its kind in the community, MOCA Tucson currently hosts rotating exhibitions by locally, nationally, and internationally renowned contemporary artists—critical exhibitions that spur dialogue and that foster empathy between artists and audiences. Our bold programming is highly engaging for diverse audiences and creates a welcoming, inviting space for visitors to learn more about the changing world we live in.  MOCA Tucson is an important incubator and connector for contemporary art across the Southwest region and beyond.

MOCA Tucson resides on the ancestral lands of the Tohono O’odham people.

Board of Directors

Kira Dixon Weinstein, Co-President
Danny Vinik, Co-President
Lauren Pew, Vice President
Luis Soto, Secretary
Justin Martinez, Treasurer
Michael Bradford
Anthony J. Canchola
Daphne Srinivasan
Evie Stefenson-Marquart
David Taylor

Randi Dorman, Emeritus
Courtney Johnson, Emeritus
Terri Kessler, Emeritus
Joanne Stuhr, Emeritus



Alia Al-Rashid
Carolyn Bass
Burak Bekat
Annamaria Biagini
Andy Burgess
Eli Burke
Andrés Cano
Karen Christensen
Sheila Farhang
Taylor Garcia Dickson
Patricia Gillette
David Hausman
Hope Hennessey
Samuel Ireland
Rick Joy
Angela Kapp
Michael Kapp
Claudia Kappl Joy
Terri Kessler
Pablo Kyriakis
Lisa Lovallo
Edward Marquart
Grace McEniry
Olivia Miller
Jordan Munic
Mary Okoye
Jane Poynter
Anne Ranek
Wylwyn Reyes
Stacey Richter
Jack Rodat
Devon Sanner
Yu Yu Shiratori
Casey Smith
Joe Taylor
Amy Zuckerman

Elizabeth Cherry, Emeritus
John Hudak, Emeritus
Olivier Mosset, Emeritus

Annual Report

MOCA Tucson’s 2022 story is exceptional. We directly supported over 130 artists through exhibitions, residencies, programs, and funding opportunities; our education programs served 5,500 youth, 80 Title I schools across 8 districts, and continued to reach underserved groups, including LGBTQIA+ youth and seniors; and we brought thought-provoking programs to over 3,000 adults through artist talks, performances, and public programs. Check out MOCA Tucson’s 2022 Annual Report.


MOCA Tucson is not currently hiring.

Volunteering + Internships

MOCA offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals looking to build skills and community in the exciting context of a contemporary art museum. Greet and orient visitors MOCAshop, support our weekly/monthly museum programs and special events, and much more. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact MOCA at

Internships  are available in various departments at MOCA, including Public Programs, Exhibitions, Visitor Services, and Education. Applicants must be currently enrolled at a university or college and be eligible to receive credit hours as approved by their institution. Applications are accept three times a year (December, May, and July) for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. To apply, please send your CV and cover letter expressing your department of interest to MOCA at

Facility Rentals

event rental combined Please fill out the questionnaire below if you are interested in renting space at MOCA for an event.


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