• Radiant Human Aura Photography

Radiant Human Aura Photography

January 26, 2018 12pm - January 28, 2018 5pm

Radiant Human Aura Photography
January 26, 12pm-7pm
January 27, 12pm-5pm
January 28, 12pm-5pm

Radiant Human serves as a conduit for those seeking a new kind of self-exploration—a brief, metaphysical vision quest, compelling us toward a uniquely tangible kind of self-discovery. Radiant Human is the first of its kind: a roving, fully adaptable aura photography laboratory—an immersive salon of extrasensory image-making. Occupying the gray space between science and mysticism, Radiant Human immerses us in the quantifiable forces just outside of human perception—helping us to acknowledge the naked energies we all radiant into our world. Radiant Human is the portrait practice of Portland-based visual artist Christina Lonsdale.

$35 Tickets must be purchased in advance at Radiant Human to reserve a slot. Each time slot entitles you to one photograph; if you’d like more than one photo taken, simply purchase the corresponding number of tickets. A limited number of walk-up appointments will also be available on a first come, first served basis.