ArtNow! An Artist Talk with YeRin Kim

ArtNow! An Artist Talk with YeRin Kim

February 4, 2020 6:00PM - 7:00PM

$10 at door, (free for members)


YeRin Kim is a local, but was selected for our artist-in-residence program because her work is extraordinarily contemporary. She will be occupying a studio here at MOCA from late January to April.

YeRin Kim-Roznowski is a Korean born interdisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. YeRin’s work explores solitude, empathy, hierarchy, and interdependency through painting, sculpture, performance, video, and interactive installations. Deeply influenced by fields of contemporary anthropological art and social psychology, she uses various techniques and mediums to illustrate and investigate relationships between individuals, individuals and groups, and the society formed from these relationships. The artist emphasizes the contrast between the innate human experience of being bounded by our own perspective and our need for connection and interdependency on those around us. YeRin’s work depicts abstracted and simplified human relationships that beckon the viewer to recognize themselves within these grand but ubiquitous architectures of life.

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