Performance: While hissing

Performance: While hissing

June 22, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us at MOCA for an evening of celebration and performances on the plaza in conjunction with Raven Chacon’s exhibition While hissing.

The evening will begin with the raising of a new flag edition of Chacon’s American Ledger No. 1, a narrative score that is the first part in the artist’s American Ledger series which tells the creation story of the United States of America. The flag will remain on MOCAs outdoor flagpole for the remainder of the exhibition.

Chacon describes American Ledger No. 1 score: “In chronological descending order, moments of contact, enactment of laws, events of violence, the building of cities, and erasure of land and worldview are mediated through graphic notation, and realized by sustaining and percussive instruments, coins, axe and wood, a police whistle, and a match.”

Musicians Sage Bond and MizSkoden will perform select pieces from For Zitkála-Šá, a series of graphic scores by Chacon currently on view in While hissing. Plus—food by Reservation Sensation Frybread!

Image: Raven Chacon, American Ledger No. 1, 2018. Courtesy the artist.