• Rose Eken | In Residence

Rose Eken | In Residence

Rose Eken
In Residence

While working at punk music venues as a teenager in Cophenhagen, Rose Eken developed a fascination with detritus. Sculpting objects found in concert halls, kitchens, studios, and similarly ubiquitous locations, her arrangements and sheer amount of production assume an anthropological quality, documenting and preserving the relics of a culture and celebrating a history in the process. Rose Eken’s exhibition, In Residence will feature a series of contemporary ceramic works that provide a snapshot into different facets of the artist’s life through three thematic installations: “The Kitchen;” “The Studio;” and “The Bandroom.” In all three project spaces visitors will feel that some sort of cultural production is taking place as they glimpse into the mind of the artist, as if she were on site creating work directly in the galleries when the museum is closed. “The Kitchen” will have several of Eken’s still-life pieces on display—large clusters of fruits and flowers, kitchen utensils, etc. In “The Studio” visitors can glimpse the exhibition they are viewing in the making—an artist studio/gallery space that includes tools, a stepladder, and paintings leaned up against the wall as if not yet hung. “The Bandroom” will include a collection of music equipment, bottles, and other ephemera one might find in a musician’s practice space.

Rose Eken was born in 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark and attended the Edinburgh College of Art and Royal College of Art London. Solo exhibitions of her work have been presented at Horsens Artmuseum (2018); Bornholms Keramik Museum (2016); The Hole Gallery, NYC (2014); and Munch Gallery, NYC (2013). Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions and her recent solo exhibition “Tableau” at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen was acquired by and is currently on display at Aros Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus, Denmark. She is currently represented by V1 Gallery.

Exhibition support provided by The Danish Arts Foundation, The American-Scandinavian Foundation, and the Helen Lee and Emil Lassen Fund.