• New Histories

New Histories

MOCA Tucson is pleased to announce New Histories, an inaugural statewide juried youth art exhibition. Open to all K-12 youth, over 65 works were selected by a panel of curators and educators for the exhibition which highlights the creative work of students across the state including painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and animation. Photo credit: “Rainbow Flower Waterfall” by Jasper Boner (Augustus H. Shaw Montessori, 1st Grade).

Exhibiting Students:
Lucia Alday (BASIS Tucson North, 9th Grade), Julian Avilez (BASIS Tucson Primary, 3rd Grade), Jimmy Basonga (Safford K-8, 8th Grade), Lauren Becher (Marana High School, 10th Grade), Jasper Boner (Augustus H. Shaw Montessori, 1st Grade), Diego Buchanan (BASIS Tucson Primary, 2nd Grade), Sophia Buchanan (BASIS Tucson North, 9th Grade), Anderson Burke (Borton Magnet Elementary, Kindergarten), Everett Burke (Borton Magnet Elementary, Kindergarten), Rita Cai (BASIS Tucson Primary, 2nd Grade), Olmo Cioni (BASIS Tucson Primary, Kindergarten), Oliver Clark (Tucson High School, 9th Grade), Cashlynn Claxton (Morgan Maxwell K-8, 8th Grade), Cason Claxton (Safford K-8, 6th Grade), Kyler Crow (Ironwood Ridge High School, 10th Grade), Angelina Davidson (Canyon del Oro High School, 12th Grade), Jordan Demler (Marana High School, 10th Grade), Itzel Duran (Safford K-8, 8th Grade), Zoey Flores (Marana High School, 10th Grade), Pablo Gaudard-Castillo (Hermosa Montessori, 7th Grade), Kameo Hahn (Amphitheater Middle School, 8th Grade), Kierra Harrison (The Gregory School, 6th Grade), Mason Hashim (Manzanita Elementary, 4th Grade), Leah Hoefner (Marana High School, 10th Grade), Frank Howard (City High School, 10th Grade), Kylie Hughes (Marana High School, 11th Grade), Ellen Kim (BASIS Tucson Primary, 4th Grade), Emma Kim (BASIS Oro Valley, 6th Grade), Daniela Levy (BASIS Tucson North, 6th Grade), Genesis Mazon (Safford K-8, 8th Grade), Riley McCormick (The Gregory School, 8th Grade), Raine Millan (Whitmore Elementary, 5th Grade), Elyse Miller & Hannah Atwater (Flowing Wells High School, 10th Grade), Chet Oreck (University High School, 12th Grade), Javier Orta (Safford K-8, 7th Grade), Bella Pearson (Kyrene Middle School, 6th Grade), Lilliana Pearson (Kyrene Middle School, 7th Grade), Sol Porras (Safford K-8, 7th Grade), Judit Robles Torres (Safford K-8, 7th Grade), Samirah Rodriguez (Safford K-8, 7th Grade), Emma Roche & Madyson Skwatt (Marana High School, 10th Grade), Mia Trinh (Legacy Traditional School, 2nd Grade), Olivia Swensrud (The Gregory School, 7th Grade), Nisbeth Verdugo Guerrero (Flowing Wells High School, 12th Grade), Melody Waters (Flowing Wells High School, 10th Grade), Graham Yaggy (BASIS Tucson Primary, 2nd Grade), Allison Zepeda (BASIS Tucson North, 5th Grade), Alva Zhao (BASIS Tucson Primary, 3rd Grade), Marina Zhao (BASIS Tucson Primary, 1st Grade)