• Grace Rosario Perkins

Grace Rosario Perkins

April 1, 2022: MOCA Member Preview

April 2, 2022: Public Opening Reception

MOCA’s spring 2022 exhibition features new large-scale paintings by Grace Rosario Perkins commissioned by MOCA in conversation with objects and interventions by invited artists. Bound by an intuitive approach to their chosen materials, an investment in process, and friendship, Perkins and her collaborators reflect on land, community, and home. The artists often incorporate found materials with an intent to release them of the intended utility and histories they hold, and use abstraction and an abundance of webs to serve as strategies for expansiveness and protection. Together, the group approaches artmaking as a means for building solidarity and collective healing.


Grace Rosario Perkins (b. 1986, Santa Fe, based in Albuquerque) is interested in disassembling both personal and cultural narratives through maximal painting. Perkins, a self-taught painter, uses a wide array of experience and identities to create works that are imbued with text, objects, and symbolic color.Through the process of addition and redaction— Grace’s work deepens and renegotiates her relationship to familial ephemera, time, and self-agency. Her work when completed, serves as a personal testament to healing through abstraction, motivated by movement and intuition. Her relationships, friendships, and family composed of Diné matriarchs and an Akimel O’odham father influence hidden text, messages, and titles, weaving together metaphor and incantation.


Image Credits: Grace Rosario Perkins, Our Love is Wild, 2019, My Spine, 2019, and Kooni Ndeiilnish (We Will Work Here), 2017, installation view, I Wanna Be Yours, Sanitary Tortilla Factory, Albuquerque NM, 2019. Photograph by Apolo Gomez.