Ali Silverstein: The Fantastical Reconstruction of the Epine GY7 Chapter 1: The Fragments

In 1948, in the icy waters off the west coast of Iceland, a British fishing trawler called the Epine GY7 wrecked. The remains of the ship washed up on a remote beach near the Snaefellsness Glacier.  Seventy years later, the rusted remains, unrecognizable as the ship they once comprised, create an enigmatic landscape full of latent potential and a dormant, almost kinetic energy. 

Silverstein is documenting and archiving these three-dimensional fragments into graphic two-dimensional rubbings—a process imbued with ritual and remembrance. The rubbings, photographs, and video are just the start of the journey. Using the pieces from this constructed archive, the artist has begun an attempted reconstitution and memorial.  This exhibition presents Chapter 1: The Fragments.