ArtNow! An Artist Talk with Matthew Cole

ArtNow! An Artist Talk with Matthew Cole

March 24, 2020 6:00PM - 7:00PM

Matthew Cole was chosen by a panel of curators and artists from MOCA and surrounding museums to be one of MOCA’s spring artists-in-residence. During his residency, Cole plans to continue his exploration of protected lands and how they are threatened during times of abusive political power. Through a new body of work made here in Tucson, Cole will capture the timely issue of precious lands and the cyclical nature of their demise throughout history.



Cole is a painter who employs traditional painting and preliminary printmaking methods to interpret memories of actual and subconscious events Рamalgamations of real life and fantasy, often stemming from profound personal experiences. The processes of layering and distorting are instrumental in conveying emotion in his work. The artist uses composite imagery to represent the fragmented nature of memory, narrated through personal as well as familiar references from art history.

Matthew Cole

$10 Admission, Free for Members